VersionOne Support - Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How many versions do you support?

Our current policy is to support the current major version (released quarterly) along with the two previous major releases. If you are on a release that is older than the stated policy, we will continue to assist you with any “How To” support related questions, but we will not provide any maintenance updates to versions outside of our supported versions and we may request that you upgrade to reach the best resolution.

2. I have Team Edition. What are my Support Options?

Team Edition is our free offering of VersionOne and so it does not come with a support contract. You can find support for Team Edition on the Community website and through our public Google Groups forum. You may log a ticket with support, but please note that Team Edition issues will be treated as a Low priority ticket.

3. My ticket is taking too long to resolve and/or has become a MAJOR issue. I wish to escalate this ticket!

You may escalate a ticket by requesting escalation through your assigned support tech. We will then take the appropriate steps to notify the escalation team and raise the priority on a ticket. You may also send an email to and the entire management structure within CollabNet/V1 will be notified. You will receive an immediate reply from someone on the management team.

4. Where can I download the latest versions?

You can get the latest builds of VersionOne Ultimate or Enterprise from these links:

Only the most recent build of the current supported release will be available.

5. How do I find out what Build/Edition of VersionOne I am using?

You can get this information from either of the following two places: * On the Login screen, below the password text box * If you are logged in, hover over Help and then select About VersionOne

6. How do I set up Ideas on my instance?

After requesting Ideas to be setup on your V1 instance, the next step is to configure the forums and users. You can learn how to do this from the following Community Articles:
Setting Up Ideas
Using Ideas

7. How do I request a new License and when should I request one?

A V1 license is good for a Major Release cycle. Our releases are based on the year and quarter. So the first release in 2019 is the Winter 2019 release. That release number would be 19.0. We release point releases throughout the quarter and those are ordered numerically, as in 19.0.1, 19.0.2. The 4th number in the release build number is the actually development build number. So, if you have a license for 19.0, that license will be good until 20.0 comes out. You would not need to obtain/request a new license when you upgrade to 19.1 or 19.2.

8. Was VersionOne affected by the “__________” vulnerability/virus?

If you have concerns over any security flaws reported in the media or by other vendors, please contact support and we will provide details as quickly as possible.

9. Where can I find the installation guides?

All installation guides are found on the Community site.

VersionOne core app
Datamart Installation
Analytics Installation

Continuum and ALM Connect: Please Contact Support to request an upgrade/installation.

10. On my hosted instance, how often will my instance be upgraded?

With VersionOne hosted instances, you can select the upgrade frequency at any time.

You can choose to have your instance upgraded with every point release and major release automatically when it comes out.

You can choose to only receive automatic upgrades for point releases within a major release. This means you would need to request the major release upgrade through Support when you are ready. This gives you a chance to review changes coming and choose when you will bring a new major release to your team.

The 3rd option is to only receive manual upgrades. This means you will not be upgraded at all until you specifically ask Support to do so.